A Nice Three Months.

posted 23 Jul 2004, 12PM | 8 Comments

Well, well. So it's been three months to the day since last I posted anything to the old mainblog. How the days do fly by. Surely this is the longest I've gone without posting anything proper on Sixfoot6 since the notorious what the fuck thread of June '01... a period of web silence finally broken when i launched the prototype version of my bricolage design on September 11th, 2001, at 1:50am.

My life has been heavy steady since February, more or less. Which is good. Inearly june Jenny and I moved into a pretty fly top-floor apartment in Culver City, nestled here in privacy among lush ficus trees. Totally convenient, near a sweet upscale suburban neighborhood, the 10 freeway, a grocery store, Starbucks, and a laundromat (with Ms. Pac Man), among other things. We've got a spare bedroom / office, an expansive living room with a vaulted ceiling, and a lot of IKEA furniture. (Have you noticed that IKEA has a remarkably high quotient of 20-something couples making out? Taking that next, uh, fartfull step together.) It's been a time-consuming labour of love just putting this place together. Buying crap. Talking about money. Hanging all of the bright blue Steve Keene art that UPS delivered. And naturally, living with and sharing your life with someone you love has all sorts of wonderful benefits and unforseen challenges, many new to me. But at least we have two full bathrooms, thank fucking god.

My sketch troupe Mighty McPilgrim has been rehearsing like crazy in prep for an August 5th show in North Hollywood, so that sucks up time like a sponge. A funny sponge! And I'm working on some new content for that site (video, comics), posting the the front blog sporadically. Check it out.

There's a pendulum swing in effect (brass weight leaning toward the 9-5 salaried life of smiling consumer couplehood these days, but inevitably destined to thrust back toward a post-los angeles creative life in some small town, I think). Still, this world is pleasant. I've seen a lot of movies lately. And I downed a lot of donuts. Little chocolate donuts. I sit in traffic instead of taking the train, talking on the phone or listening to my iPod on the road, like an asshole (never bought a new stereo after the great Granada-break-in of 2003). I've been absorbing political news and webgeek nonesense like a crazy, visiting with friends who come through town, waking up early and making tea. I suprised my parents with a visit home for Mother's Day; saw everyone again in Minnesota for my talented brother's graduation.

So now you're pretty much up to speed. I'm working on something new for this place. Be patient. It probably will not be the much requested Adam's Apple Cult, unfortunately.

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23 Jul 04 at 12:29AM jonas said:

my girlfriend (from the ikea motherland known as sweden) has noted that fartfull means "full of speed." as i have learned in a horrifying flurry of visits to ikea with her, every piece of furniture there references a scandinavian name or town.

good post.



23 Jul 04 at 06:45PM Ian said:

it's nice to see you writing! i saw your site a long time ago on a blog design forum and i've been checking back for updates ever since...


25 Jul 04 at 07:58AM rabi said:

in elizabeth, which has the closest ikea to most of manhattan, there are a lot of gay 20-something couples making out.

I dunno what is going to happen if ikea wins its little neighborhood battle and gets to open a store in brooklyn. things are weird enough around here with the celebrity gatherings at target.


27 Jul 04 at 10:13AM lisaann said:

you're living in sin! congrats! miss you.


30 Jul 04 at 11:35AM Andrew said:

I suppose furniture named after Swedish towns/concepts is no worse than naming furniture after dead actors.


9 Aug 04 at 01:44PM EricaLucci said:

I'm thrilled to hear things are going so well for you.


10 Aug 04 at 11:22PM Anonymous said:

I was just asking myself how you were doing. As I am unable to answer that question I was glad to see a new entry on ye olde site. Godd to know that things are goin good since mother's day weekend.


10 Aug 04 at 11:23PM Anonymous said:

^from rob^

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