The Rain, the Brains, the Beer, the Boggle.

posted 14 Mar 2004, 2PM | 6 Comments

I'm amidst the annual visit to Austin Texas for the South by Southwest Interactive Festival. It's good times as always, despite some rain and the absense of a few people I'd hoped to see. But I've already met a few new people here at this geek summer camp, and certainly downed a few drinks. The panels seem better than usual, and the partygoing process is a amusing as ever. I need to take a nap. Damn.

So, I am one of dozens of people here carrying a Nokia 3650 camera phone, and I'm been using it to take and post mophos (mobile photographs) to a site that Paul Barsch set up for the blogging set.

Checkout the SXSWblog Mophos page to check out shots I have taken and will take, to see what I have been doing and will be doing. Share the love.

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15 Mar 04 at 03:14PM Mark said:

i'm watching you boy!

terribly missing everyone there in austin. england is quite dull at the moment. "see" you at 20x2!


15 Mar 04 at 05:59PM awol said:

Sorry to hear about your 'Bloggies' loss. I trust it's not soiling your SxSW experience.


16 Mar 04 at 10:43PM ryan said:

Mark, your piece was excellent. Well done, and I hope you're living large in the UK.

Though nothing soiled my experience, I did soil my pants more than once during the trip.


17 Mar 04 at 12:03AM Chris.A said:

Next year I'm going, dammit. Having to stay home and work rather than gallivanting across Austin makes me sad.


17 Mar 04 at 11:03AM Ryan said:

Man, I'm a zombie today. It's such a strange feeling, being back in LA, back at work, re-engaging with my charmed life. Sigh.


17 Mar 04 at 09:12PM Andrew said:

Yeah, I was a walking zombie today, too. Although I magically perked up at about 9pm.
Strange, that.


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