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posted 7 Mar 2004, 2PM | 4 Comments

For years I had a February 1st tradition here where I'd link to a post I wrote during my first winter away from the northeast about How to Survive February. It's seven points of advice gleaned from years of Februarys spent in Boston and Cape Cod, icy and alone. I still find it funny, but now reading it just makes me miss home a little.

Here in Los Angeles, February is a completely different experience. It might be now my favorite month of the year, for a few reasons. It rains during February. A lot. The rain clears away the smog, washes the dusty streets, turns the mountains green. The air stays cool, the sky stays blue, and actual fluffy clouds float by. That shit never happens in L.A..

The center of February brings Valentine's Day, which in my high school and college daze was always a quiet reminder that I felt alone (and somehow powerless) while the surrounding world broke off into smiling couples, picking sides for the great kickball game of life, or whatever. And I'd go about my business.

pretty in the parkThis past month marks the first time that I was able to spend VDay with a girlfriend, and we made a weekend of it. We had a delicious dinner in Beverly hills, breakfast in Los Feliz, the carousel in Griffith park, We played croquet in West Hollywood, spent a beautiful day exploring Santa Barbara with a golden retriever, and had a nice dinner with her parents. It all made me happy.

It's funny that in southern California Valentine's Day falls right at the onset of spring, where it should be, as things begin to warm up. The sun felt a bit too hot during our round of mini-golf this morning, as we slide into the middle of March. But I still love the sun, I love the rain, I love February, and I love Jennifer.

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7 Mar 04 at 03:38PM Dave said:

Castle Golf sucks. Those "adventure" golf places (and there's a LOT of literary pressure being put on those quotation marks) are all about how nice it looks while you walk around. Screw all that crap. I have all I can do, while I'm walking from hole to hole, to try and hold a golf club, my sweatshirt, my soda, and my cigarette with just my two hands.

Give me an underbudgeted minigolf course with cleverly designed holes, and worn away carpet...that's a real challenge. The holes are all flat and boring in Adventure Golf.



7 Mar 04 at 04:06PM ryan said:

I hear you on the flat and boring, dude. But at least there are some trees and water fountains to look at . It's a relative oasis in this blasted dessert valley.


10 Mar 04 at 03:29PM ryan said:

Speaking of changes in the weather, yesterday was REALLY too hot, but today was a bit more springy. No need to rush into hotness.


10 Mar 04 at 05:43PM gwen aka tllgrrl said:

thanks for a great post.
it once again reminded me of how much i love and miss southern california in the late winter/early spring.
it is beautiful.
happy belated V-Day to you and Jennifer.

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