Let the Mighty McFun Begin.

posted 20 Mar 2004, 11PM | 6 Comments

After this year's annual wonderful hectic trip to Austin, I returned to L.A. and dove straight into a crazy busy half-week of film editing and design, on top of my day job. As I finally get a chance to get a good night's sleep, I'm proud to announce the launch of Mighty McPilgrim.com, the website of my comedy troupe / production company.

The site will be growing during the coming days and weeks to include a weblog, cartoons, contact info and other elements... but in the mean time I hope that you'll swing by and check out our first short film release, an irreverent piece called The Passion of the Fans. Have a look, get freaky, click around the site. Feel free to comment about it all here, for now. And if we make you laugh, tell your friends, foo!

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20 Mar 04 at 10:02PM Stacy said:

Very funny!


23 Mar 04 at 02:15PM Mark said:

that was mcgreat! i mcloved it.


24 Mar 04 at 09:41AM Mickie Rat said:

Dammit! The link isn't working for me for some reason. That film sounds quite funny and I wouldlike to see it. Maybe I'll just come back laterand it will work then. Maybe I shouldn't have a computer that is six years old and then it would work!


24 Mar 04 at 09:49AM Ryan said:

Yeah, I think I need to switch hosts. This one seems to go down from time to time. Bad.


24 Mar 04 at 01:51PM Mark said:

this is why it pays to be an early adopter.


19 Apr 04 at 12:09PM wah said:

eyepatches are hot.
beards too. mmm.


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