A Sobering Thought

posted 4 Feb 2004, 11PM | 5 Comments

Earlier today, as I was thinking about the moon, Mars, space exploration and technology, something suddenly occurred to me: It is possible that we will never, in my lifetime, develop successful flying car technology for personal use.

It's a sobering thought.

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5 Feb 04 at 04:53AM pete said:

not true. you may never get to own one, but it has, in fact, been successfully developed.


5 Feb 04 at 06:39AM rexsavior said:

Ryan, as you know I share this 'flying car' dream, but can you imagine what the tolls will be like on the skyways?


5 Feb 04 at 09:56AM ryan said:

I'm familiar with Moller Skycar, but it's that personal use that I'm waiting for.


9 Feb 04 at 02:03PM Ryan said:

test post


9 Feb 04 at 02:46PM bigsteve said:

Tim Allen [yes, the guy from Home Improvement] once said that he thought that GM or Ford invented fly cars a long time ago, but as the engineers left the lab and took one look at a busy highway, they immediately destroyed every piece of evidence that the flying car existed... true.

About 99% of the people in this world have serious problems mastering a vehicle on the X and Z axis - imagine the chaos of adding the Y! Then take a drive on the 405 or the 110 at 6pm!
Even worse than all of that, would anyone want to live in a world where you saw stacks and stacks of cars in teh sky instead of clouds and sunsets? Remember the FWY in Back To The Future II...

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