Xmas Spirit and So On

posted 23 Dec 2003, 12PM | 3 Comments

It's good to be home. The weather is not too cold. My family loves me. We decorated our tree well. The fridge contains tons of food. Mom bought me a bag of carrots. I sleep in my old room. My parents let me drive their cars. It is nice to drink beer with friends. My brother can be rather silly. Cookies are best with milk. Greasy mall food is no good. Coffee makes more sense in wintertime. Christmas lights are pretty. The night sky is full of stars. Sometimes I miss video games. My town is a small town. Traditions help life make sense. Anchor chain stores have taken over the mall. My wallet is full of receipts. Cell phone reception is spotty. I enjoy sweaters. It shouldn't be so easy to ignore death. I live for laughter. The smell of pine is personal. Sometimes there is wind. I enjoy taking care of the house.

Rain used to accumulate in a large puddle on one side of my crescent driveway. The puddle was never very deep, but it always returned eventually. I loved to splash in it in summer, slide on it in winter. When we resealed the driveway, the puddle went away. I'm older.

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8 Jan 04 at 09:18AM ryan said:

I wrote this post before Xmas (quickly, at the time stamped on the timestamp) but accidentally left it unpublished, then promptly forgot about it.


12 Jan 04 at 11:51AM katia said:

I read this line "Ryan used to accumulate in a large puddle..." When I got to the 'in a' part, I realized I had done something wrong. But somehow it still seems to fit. Happy holidays and family, Ryan, even if it's late.


13 Jan 04 at 09:43AM ryan said:

I used to accumulate in a large puddle, as well...

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