Internet Exploder

posted 12 Nov 2003, 1PM

Thanks to Joe Maddalone's little trick, I'm now running IE 6, IE 5.5, IE 5.0, IE 4.01, and IE 3 concurrently on my Windows machine at work. I can't tell you what a designer's delight this is - no more running to a friend's machine to ensure that pages look okay in the frustrating boxy-hack that is IE 5.5; I've got all the power right here on one screen. Download each standalone browser from

Beyond the practicality, it's loads of fun to see how various sites degrade in old browsers. I'm proud to say the is fully functional in IE 3 (albeit without style). CSS-based designs such as this portfolio site, however, often render as an unreadable mess in IE 4.01 but as a clean semantic document in IE 3. Such is the pain of half-assed stylesheet support.

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