Fear to Fear

posted 3 Nov 2003, 11PM | 41 Comments

Fear To Fear - a film by Leonard Lin. 23MB. Save to your HD.A few weeks ago my friend Leonard Lin asked me and my roomate Andrew if we could help him make a short movie for his film class. After a quick visit to Hollywood Toys and Costumes (where we purchased sunglasses and some fake blood), we spent about five hours one afternoon shooting footage in my girlfriend Jenny's former apartment building. Fortunately for us, we found a shopping cart dolly for Leonard to climb into for the moving shots.

After toiling through hours and hours of editing, tweaking and rendering, Mr. Lin released his completed film, entitled Fear to Fear (23 megs QuickTime, 5:47). It should be of special interest to those of you who download music despite the best efforts of the RIAA. The film may appear somewhat dark on PCs, so crank up the brightness on your monitor. Keep an eye out for my long neck and brillant acting! Enjoy!

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3 Nov 03 at 06:36PM V said:

First off, there's nothing funnier then Andrew getting kicked in the nards. I didn't expect that.

Secondly, I never want to see Ryan's adams apple that close ever again.

And finally, the soundtrack is awesome.

Well done, son. well done.


5 Nov 03 at 09:42AM Lisser said:

Well done bro, well done. I'd like to take a moment to share my friend Kendal's reaction to the message from the RIAA your character received on his computer. "Run, Ryan! Run!!!" Well said Kendal, well said.


5 Nov 03 at 01:24PM ryan said:

My adam's apple really should get it's own billing in this film. But it was a good time, and I think Leonard did a great job editing and synching the audio and soundtrack.


6 Nov 03 at 12:33PM z said:

not to be taken as an insult, but i am always impressed with these films on your website... ofcourse this is coming from someone who knows absolutely nothing about film making, or acting for that matter.

anyway, absolutely great film... the music matches each scene so perfectly and i really was held in suspense enough for the butterflies to form in my tummy... although i am a sensitive one when it comes to the belly.


9 Nov 03 at 11:35PM Chuck Olsen said:

Nice work!


10 Nov 03 at 03:19PM ryan said:

z - how could I take that as an insult? You just complimented the film! Thank you.


10 Nov 03 at 03:33PM KevinD said:

Wonderfully done. And Yes, Ryan's Adam's Apple steals the show!!


11 Nov 03 at 09:44PM rabi said:

hehe. I love how the gunshot has no entry wound.


28 Nov 03 at 09:26AM Gary said:

Wow....very nice work!!! Jeez Ryan...you have an awsome Adam's apple....wow! Hope that doesn't make ya feel selfconcious.

Anyway, keep up the great work!!!


4 Dec 03 at 01:27PM Jean said:

Just surfed onto this site. What film are you talking about? How and where can I view it?


4 Dec 03 at 01:39PM ryan said:

Just click on the picture, Jean! The movie is waiting for you.


5 Dec 03 at 07:57PM Jean said:

In his publicity, Ryan says, "Keep an eye out for my long neck". How can you miss it? I've seen much bigger Adam's apples, but I can't remember a longer neck on anyone!
And Gary was wondering if Ryan was self-conscious about his Adam's apple? If anything, I think he likes to flaunt it or he would have worn some kind of turtleneck sweater -- or would even THAT hide it? I also liked the timely swallowing in the elevator for effect -- he was well able to do that with THAT equipment ;-)
Interesting little film. A great career awaits you, Clint. Look out, Hollywood!


6 Dec 03 at 09:03AM Dan said:

That is a wonderful and very worthwhile effort. It's well thought out, with good background music, and professionally put together. Well done. Tell me, are Ryan and Andrew really 6'6"? Ryan runs very well in corridors and, yes, perhaps there's a bit too much neck and Adam's apple. Different lighting effects will solve the problem . . in your next film.


10 Dec 03 at 07:31PM Jean said:

Ryan, since I was having problems with my ol' Dell, I am now completely satisfied with the quality of the showing of your film on my home computer with Windows XP. Not dark at all. Thanks for the technical advice. I enjoyed your film. (I notice another "Jean" posted above, but without an email address, I guess -- the name shows up greyed out.)


23 Jan 04 at 07:45AM Porter said:

Ryan, do you enjoy having your adam's apple exposed? There is a cult group that really gets turned on by them. Have you ever measured it?


23 Jan 04 at 12:08PM Ryan said:

I love sharing my adam's apple. I think it's hot. I think my adam's apple deserves its own fetish cult, and I intend to round one up real soon.


30 Jan 04 at 01:35PM J said:

Cool movie . Love the use of the adam's apple for dramatic effect. Seeing that you're proud of your adam's apple makes me feel a little less self -conscious about mine. Thanks. I just had a thought.They should have an adam's apple contest just like how they have competitive bodybuliding.Just kidding. Later dudes and ryan if you have any advice on dealing with my adam's apple I'm all ears.


8 Feb 04 at 05:15AM Gary said:

Whoa...sign me up for that Adam's apple cult thing...always enjoy something "different"


12 Feb 04 at 04:10PM gordon said:

What are you people talking about! My girl and I were talking about adam's apples last night when we discovered her's was bigger than mine! What's this movie?


16 Feb 04 at 06:06PM Jean said:

Ryan: You say your Adam's apple deserves its own fetish cult and that you intend rounding one up real soon. Gary and gordon and I are all waiting. Make it happen, man! Also, give gordon the link to your film so that he can marvel at your long neck!


9 Mar 04 at 01:41PM Anonymous said:

My Question is to Ryan. How do you live with having something the size of a golf ball stick out of your throat like that? Doesn't it feel strange ? How can people say adam's apples are attractive ? I hate mine and mine is very prominent. Is there something you know that I don't? How can you possibly find something positive about having a big adam's apple?


9 Mar 04 at 01:52PM Ryan said:

Nice people swallow. Big.

It's really more like a superball, anyway.


23 Mar 04 at 09:24PM carlos said:

Hey man i am totally turned on by big prominent adams apples. It is really very sexy and attractive. Please send me information on the adams apple cult. I definately want to be a member.


25 Jun 04 at 10:23AM Anonymous said:

People let's be real here . There is nothing sexy about a prominent adam's apple. What is sexy about have something the size of a boulder sticking out in front of your throat?


4 Jul 04 at 05:23PM Prominent said:

Nice throat-let me know when you get your adam's apple club going!


13 Jul 04 at 05:58AM Gary said:

What do ya mean get real...your opinion is the only one that matters and is the only "correct" one...shesh. A big Adam's apple is very cool AND sexy, in the opinion of some of us. So what???

Ryan has a great Adam's apple.


13 Jul 04 at 08:13AM Sam said:

Hey Ryan,

Don't let anyone discourage you about having a big adam's apple. It's one of our most strong and masculine features and I wear mine with pride and besides there are women who are really turned on by them. I hope you get that adam's apple club going soon.


13 Jul 04 at 08:42PM Ray said:

Hey Ryan,
I just LOVE your Adam's Apple!
Another member waiting for you to start your "cult"!


14 Jul 04 at 11:37AM Alex said:

What's up Ryan,

The movie was good. Especially when you kicked that guy. That part was VERY funny.Hope he can still have kids. LOL. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only person who is comfortable and proud of their adam's apple. They are actually people who wish their adam's apple were bigger. At first I didn't like mine but then all that changed when I found out how much it turned my girlfriend on and how she can't keep her hands and lips off my throat. It was inevitable that I would have a big adam's apple because my father, brothers and uncles have unusally big ones. It would be cool to have a club for people like us. I hope that you will actually start yours soon and to all of those people out their who think adam's apples are weird. Don't hate.



22 Jul 04 at 04:24PM Ashley said:

Count me in on the Adam's apple cult. I have my own stash of great Adam's apple pictures. Want to see how yours compares?


24 Jul 04 at 11:27AM Ashley said:

Hey! If so many of us want to form an Adam's apple club to talk about the Adam's apple, swap pix about the AA, and even meet up on occasion for discussions, let's not wait for anyone. Let's do it ourselves. Let's find a way to make it happen and get started right away.


24 Jul 04 at 11:28AM Anonymous said:

Hey! If so many of us want to form an Adam's apple club to talk about the Adam's apple, swap pix about the AA, and even meet up on occasion for discussions, let's not wait for anyone. Let's do it ourselves. Let's find a way to make it happen and get started right away.


24 Jul 04 at 11:28AM Anonymous said:

Hey! If so many of us want to form an Adam's apple club to talk about the Adam's apple, swap pix about the AA, and even meet up on occasion for discussions, let's not wait for anyone. Let's do it ourselves. Let's find a way to make it happen and get started right away.


25 Jul 04 at 04:38AM Tone said:

There are far too many closet adams apple lovers out there. A cult group of that nature would surely help those who have a problem sharing there own thoughts and pictures. There were a few groups a couple of years ago but they have since vanished. Why don't some of us get together to design and host a group. Can't be that difficult. Anyone with ideas?

Great film. Looking forward to more. All the best for the future.


10 Aug 04 at 05:35PM david said:

did you go into this site thinking you'd start a whole fetish following just on your throat. i have a friend who calls adams apples butch knots, nice throat ryan, i'd love to see more.


15 Oct 04 at 11:05AM Jack Webber said:

There is nothing hotter than a sexy adam's apple. I think I might be through with women. Read my live journal to find out why.


10 Dec 05 at 06:16PM Rob said:

I know I'm a little bit behind, but how can I download the "Fear To Fear" documentary?? Please help.


12 Dec 05 at 09:01AM peakfreak78 said:

Would also like to view the "Fear to Fear" documentary. Can anyone out there help?


20 Mar 06 at 02:57PM Anon said:

Hi, I am a web designer and was wondering if any one is up for making an adams apple club?


4 Apr 06 at 12:51PM Rob said:

Hey Anon, I'll be in your adam's apple club!


30 Jun 06 at 03:34AM jose said:

come visit this site... lots of huge beautiful adam's apples on there. I decided to start my own lil cult after seein so many other people like them too. Hope to see u there.

alt="Click here to join juicythroats">
Click to join juicythroats

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