Obligatory Olfactory Observations

posted 13 Oct 2003, 10PM | 1 Comments

Smells detected yesterday by my discerning nose during an hour long bike-ride around the streets of the San Fernando Valley: gasoline, stagnant muck puddle water, autumn leaves, cheap Mexican fast-food, delicious Mexican entre�s, organic manure-based fertilizer, roses, diesel fuel, dumpster garbage water, non-Annie's macaroni and cheese, grilled steak, exhaust, freshly-mowed lawn, gas, BBQ chicken, burnt-rubber, marijuana, sweat, smoldering charcoal, pine trees, hot asphalt, citrus-scented cleaning products, hot vinyl, wood chips, home.

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14 Oct 03 at 07:27PM colby said:

smells are nice. i am a smell person, and they take me somewhere else faster than even a book.

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