Where HAVE I been?

posted 3 Jul 2003, 8PM | 22 Comments

Last night I lay still, on the hard pavement of a narrow street in a tiny dim village between two inconceivably old glacial lakes, in the middle of the lovely and endless California, halfway up the side of earth. Above me I could see about a bajillion stars

In comparison, LA is big and bright and stipid. Hot, to be sure., I'll be coming back around at some point, now that my little month long vacation / performance / reading / fishing / recovery period is over. I'll have new words and images and designs and films to show you soon.

In the meantime, you might head over to Trigger Street.com and give our little film For A Good Time a flattering review. Assuming you like it. Be honest, I suppose.

Be good. I miss the internet, quite a bit.

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4 Jul 03 at 10:16AM Adam said:

I'm just glad you aren't dead.


5 Jul 03 at 08:41AM V said:

No Kidding. I thought I was gonna see your lanky ass on the new Amber alert system. Had a blast at Matt's place. I still don't know how the hell I got home.

And Trigger Street is great.


6 Jul 03 at 06:20AM karen said:

I am also very glad you are not dead.


6 Jul 03 at 12:39PM liam said:

time away is always good for the head. i'm happy your back because it means I will have on eof my favorite pages filled with new stuff I can read while at work not really working. I was getting a little worried though. Any feelings about the camping trip proposed by Dan?


7 Jul 03 at 08:57AM The Internet said:

I miss you too.


7 Jul 03 at 03:06PM Martha said:

I've never been to LA but I'm entirely sure that 'stipid' is the best possible description of it.


7 Jul 03 at 10:50PM ryan said:

shit. i sure don't proofread much, for an english major.

i should probably just leave it, at this point: stupid and tepid.


8 Jul 03 at 08:44AM Jakob said:

and insipid.


8 Jul 03 at 10:16AM lisaann said:

yeah, where HAVE you and the boys been?! we still need to have a def jam rematch! ps woo wednesday is tomorrow. be there or be square. xo ld


8 Jul 03 at 04:11PM LasVegas said:

Come to me! Come to me!


11 Jul 03 at 05:21AM V said:

I know have 4 extra Radiohead tickets. Anyone? Anyone?


11 Jul 03 at 05:22AM V said:

Speaking of "anyone? anyone? Bueller? Bueller?"...Did anyone read that Prinicipal Rooney got busted for trying to get a 14 year old boy to pose for explicit photos? I knew that man was trouble after Howard The Duck...


28 Jul 03 at 08:09AM BONA said:

GANTZ hes a bad mutha... shut your mouth. Dont be a stranger man hiot me up when you are back in town again.

scotty B


5 Aug 03 at 05:11PM V said:



6 Aug 03 at 07:10PM Lisser said:

Seriously dude. I'm considering disowning you as my brother.


10 Aug 03 at 01:32PM Mary-Beth said:



17 Aug 03 at 10:13PM Jonathan Bruder said:

No, seriously.


19 Aug 03 at 06:07PM V said:

OhhHHhhH!! Too busy righting jokes with your new friends to update your site so the rest of your "old" friends can know your still alive. Mr. Comedian Man. Mr. Ha Ha I'm Funny. Sure. Move out to LA and all of a sudden, you're the funny comedian guy. I wish I could come. Good luck, buddy.


21 Aug 03 at 04:27PM ryan said:

hee hee: Mighty McPilgrim.com.

Expect something new here by Monday, my excellent good friends.


22 Aug 03 at 11:48AM R. said:

You have until Monday, or we're sending Camryn Manheim and the world's longest sausage-link lasso in after you.


22 Aug 03 at 01:30PM ryan said:



22 Aug 03 at 04:03PM LIAM said:

I'm sorry it took Camryn Manheim to get the sight updated. That is pretty low. I look forward to hear about your travels. Didn't geta chance to tell you, but I had a blast when you guys came through town. I wish It could have been longer. let me know about your performance going on down south. perhaps the boys and I will make that trip.

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