with nothing to think about..

posted 9 May 2003, 11PM

los angeles sits still like a long day's drive, stereo bouncing, cup of morning coffee. why doesn't anybody signal in this god-forsaken city? i cannot read the mind of you or your automobile, and i need to know which way you indend to go, mr. mercedes truck, so i do not kill you or the man on roller skates.

if i leave this place, i will miss driving towards mountains. i work halfway down laurel canyon into hollywood, just below mulholland drive. the drive in and out of the valley pushes a look up at haze-graded silohuettes, a look down at sim city. this topography makes it hard to forget that, beyond southern california, lie many elsewheres and others. Places and peoples. Sometimes I sing sarcastic songs about careless drivers, tapping on the steering column. Sometimes I pretend I'm in a movie.

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