what a week.

posted 5 May 2003, 3PM | 3 Comments

it's been a strange and fun and dark and restless and sleepful few weeks. how's that for vauge and cryptic... it finally seemed a good time to return to the web site and write.

i took my bike out at dusk, after ample stretching. my shorts shake when i pedal, listening to 80s pop mp3s. i missed that rush, sliding in and out of traffic, helmetless, in headlight glare.

flowers waft extra perfume your way, in southern california. night time. drafting trucks but coughing at the exhaust. the nose knows... it was one of those nights when it seems like everyone was having ziti for dinner.

it was. it is already morning.

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5 May 03 at 01:51PM Adam said:

Thanks for coming back. I was starting to fidget.


5 May 03 at 01:59PM karen said:

missed you.


5 May 03 at 11:48PM ryan said:

i was starting to fidget, too.

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