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nine am to noon are the best hours of the day.

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19 May 03 at 03:56PM R. said:


20 May 03 at 01:02AM ryan said:

fucking brillant, raza. you actively sought that schedule out, too. I salute you!


20 May 03 at 08:44AM R. said:

The Golden Girls synopses in particular are almost postmodern in the Campbell's Soup can sense. Sublime.


20 May 03 at 10:15AM East Coast Adam said:

9:30 The Nanny:
Fran's attempts to treat her hemorroids proves embarrassing

So I ask you, when is treating your hemorroids not embarrassing?

Furthermore, is there a grammatical error here? I am no English major, but I know someone who is....


20 May 03 at 10:25AM R. said:

Yeah, there's a subject-verb disagreement.


20 May 03 at 10:34AM ryan said:

"Meanwhile, Rose and Blanche see a UFO." I love that.

I'm sure that when you summarize episodes of syndicated sitcoms for a living, you could care less about subject-verb agreement, or any agreement for that matter.


20 May 03 at 05:24PM alison said:

also, some guy's name is Ham Lushbough. HAM.


20 May 03 at 06:22PM J. Dunn said:

nine am to noon are the best hours of the day.

Yes, those last three hours of sleep are always the best. I'll miss them if/when I get a real job.


20 May 03 at 08:29PM Midwest Adam said:

Just late enough to be conscious, with those hunger pains prodding you on.
Brilliant. I should give it a try.


7 Jun 03 at 11:40AM linzey said:

i totally agree.

i just wish i was awake for them.

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