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Design work has been falling into my lap like spaghetti sauce lately, and I also have a few other creative projects to keep me busy. Which is good, right? But as such I may be away from this site for a while... but that's okay. Nobody much is visiting anyway. Maybe I'll throw together something new and exciting before my June 1st trip back east. In the meantime, be patient and drink water, okay?

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22 May 03 at 12:53PM katia said:

Whaddya mean "nobody much"? I'm officially offended.


22 May 03 at 03:04PM mwg said:

does your trip back east include a stop in NYC? im visiting the folks june 6-8, but it would be nice to see you.


22 May 03 at 10:12PM Adam said:

Following your instructions currently.


23 May 03 at 08:19AM dave said:

my sister is visiting Europe for the first time (London, Amsterdam, Italy, Spain) right now. If anyone has any suggestions for things she MUST DO her first time in any of those places, please suggest. I'll pass it on.

I already told her about the short list of Samuel Smith pubs that London has to offer.


23 May 03 at 11:44AM namelessfriend... said:

Amsterdam...smoke it, eatit, to what everyou want to do withit..just do it, Heiniken Brewery tour is ok if they still let you drink for free for an hour at the end, and the hookers...oh yes the hookers.....wait that was my trip.....

Van Gogh museum, Reijks Museum (spelling way off..i think)


23 May 03 at 02:39PM dan said:

So are you going to plymouth? Im leaving the 2nd but we should hang out if thats possible.
And Dave, if she's ballsy enough, which I believe she is, Jamie should rent a scooter in Rome, such a good time, if she can find the catacombs riding through them is insane. very worthwhile. You see more that way than any other.


24 May 03 at 01:53PM liam said:

I really enjoyed the Cinque Terra despite the fact it has become so crowded. It is easy to do by train or foot. You can also take a boat from there to Porto Venere (SP?) which is just south of there or Porto Fino to the north where all the beautiful people are. Hiking in Tuscany is also amazing, I went on Mtn. Bike to tour a bunch of wine houses. I also suggest Filthy McNasty's Irish Whisky bar which is in london just north of St. Pauls. A fine establishment.


24 May 03 at 09:53PM tdawg said:

just a note...on name alone, I think Liam's recommendation of filthy mcnasty's should be heeded...honestly, i think every bar should have a "blank-y Mc-blanky's" in the in the name of the place
note: this is bitter-carthy's first visit to gantz's site since the awfulness that was posted a few summers ago during the initial construction
to everyone--much love from the district...hope to see all of you soon--here or there
peace- T


26 May 03 at 12:19AM jonas said:

good to see t up in that shit.

dave, your sis will be here in der schweiz, wednesday. she is in the dam right now. we are hitting the white stripes show on wednesday. i'll try to arrange a valente conference call.


28 May 03 at 04:36PM dan said:

Soon enough friends, soon enough, we will have operatives in all corners of the globe and we shall rule supreme. Weather they know it or not. Also, them 'Mc's' do know how to run a drinking establishment, although McCarthy's namesake in boston is a haven for white hat wearing frat boys scampering after there female equivalencies.
So T I got a new job and Im moving up to S.F. proper,so I think you need to get your boot out here and live with ryan, liam and I. Oh yeah, Dave you too.


28 May 03 at 10:25PM Martha said:

Well, everyone else in the world already asked about your travel plans, so I won't. ;) But it looks like I'll be moving to New Hampshire within the first or second week of June, so ... we should, perhaps, as they say, hang.


28 May 03 at 10:39PM ultranon said:

I still visit. I love you. I wish I was like spaghetti sauce.


29 May 03 at 01:23PM LIAM said:

ah....SF proper you say? When is the move? Let me know! And Dave and T you guys must get out here. I know 40 degrees and rainy is attractive, but you could at least try the west coast!


9 Jun 03 at 10:14AM Britt Girl said:

Memorial Hall:

Gin Blossoms - Sept 12 -$27-32.00
Spin Doctors - Oct. 10 -$27-32.00

Interested in planning a group outing???


9 Jun 03 at 12:21PM ryan said:

man, I really should fly back fro that shit. about time plymouth got some real culture!

as dave put it "I just can't wait to sing along with Hey Jealousy in the same room where I graduated from high school."


15 Jun 03 at 12:23PM V said:

Nevermind that. Radiohead coming to the Tweeter center in August. Tickets go on sale this Saturday at 10. I will buy as many as I can get so email me if you can't get a ticket.

Maybe there is some cosmic karma justice for the anal invasion known as Field Day Festical.


15 Jun 03 at 12:23PM V said:


That's so much better.


21 Jun 03 at 07:04AM britt girl said:

Hi everyone-
I have 2 xtra tix to Radiohead if others didn't get them!


21 Jun 03 at 07:16AM V said:

I have three extra tickets...seats not lawn..right up front

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