Conversation Between my Roomate and a Six-Year-Old Girl In Front of Our Apartment Building

posted 12 Apr 2003, 7PM | 12 Comments

Girl: Are you a policeman?

Josh, climbing off motorcycle: No.

Girl: So, what are you then?

Josh, wearing large shiny helmet, removing velcro riding gloves: Uh, I'm a regular person.

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13 Apr 03 at 01:10AM leslie said:

But regular seems so, well... *plain*.


13 Apr 03 at 01:23PM ryan said:

well, if policemen make up the whole of unregular society we're doing pretty good at being regular.

"congratulations, you're a unique individual.... just like everyone else."


13 Apr 03 at 11:16PM Adam said:

Time to state it: I too am a regular person.


14 Apr 03 at 09:09AM dave said:

It's funny...Josh would've had to have stepped out of a Crown Victoria in Massachusetts, if the girl were to mistake him for a cop in his home state.

Maybe the 6-yr-old watches CHiPs reruns with her dad. Or maybe CHiPs pulled her dad over one time.

Regardless, his answer should have been "Poncharello, ma'am."


15 Apr 03 at 11:31PM Liam said:

back again after a long break...and glad to see that the world is still turning and that Calinatives live in an on reality. Josh not only would have been forced to step out of a Crown Vic., he would also have to be about three times his size. All I can give you to imagine the size I am think of is Wareham cops....not the kind that got dispatched to Geagans house either. The CHP is kind of scary though. Very willing to see if you are drunk or not...


15 Apr 03 at 11:35PM liam said:

Unrelated thing, but check out the Iraqi information ministers view of the RedSox v. Yankees on's 2nd page. Sorry I just read it and felt the need to share.


16 Apr 03 at 10:01AM trip said:

a regular person who hiccups!


16 Apr 03 at 11:50AM awol said:

come to think of it... josh is anything but a regular person. maybe a regular old man with a gas/hiccup condition would be a little more accurate.


16 Apr 03 at 12:15PM ryan said:

he is a man of many contradictions. young and old, healthy but sick, sober but drunk.


17 Apr 03 at 09:54AM lisaann said:

also: a giggler. ; > ps aren't you boys suppose to make us dinner soon?? i wanna see those ali g. clips! xo


17 Apr 03 at 09:57AM trip said:

all those empty promises.

...and two empty stomachs.


22 Apr 03 at 07:01AM dave said:

you remember the picture Joshua took, that he put in the '94 PNHS LitMag, of Mark Sandman playing his bass? You couldn't see Mark's face or the body of the bass...just its neck and head. Anyway, I had an extremely vivid dream last night where it was Joshua in that picture, and he was playing Mark Sandman's bass, and he was playing Do Not Go Quietly Unto Your Grave, and he was kicking ass. Thought it warranted mentioning.

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