30 Bloogers, 30 Days

posted 18 Apr 2003, 12PM | 2 Comments

Rannie has drawn 30 weblog types together this month for version 3 of his 300 Exposures Project. I'm the featured photographer for April 16th, even though I gave him my pictures a bit late. Check out the 10 images I submitted, taken at an anti-war march I attended with Catherine in downtown Los Angeles in mid-January. I ran 'em all through Photoshop: Film Grain filter, resize, saturation -50, auto-levels. Any comments or criticism?

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23 Apr 03 at 05:00PM awol said:

sorry, I just noticed this:

30 Bloogers? Are those people that spit on the internet?


24 Apr 03 at 01:20PM ryan said:

funny, i noticed it a few days ago for the first time myself. i decided to leave it.

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