Weekday Micromemes.

posted 25 Mar 2003, 11PM | 8 Comments

A few clickable gems that have found their way into my browser during the last couple of days:

Dog translation device coming to U.S. Finally.
BBC News lets the world share views of the war.
Godspeed You! Black Terrorists?
What a beautiful Mezzoblue.
Big ups to the top-right image on today's Onion.
The Skyline: typing into the heat of battle.

holding my breath:
i can't wait.
i can't wait.
i can't wait.
i can't wait.

carrots and mint tea are good. thank you, dear.

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26 Mar 03 at 01:40PM Dave S. said:

Powder blue and tomato red? I prefer to think of it as "Irish Spring Sport Blue" and "Maroon Shower Curtain". Inspiration happens in the oddest places...

I can't wait: 1,2,4 - complete agreement.


26 Mar 03 at 02:22PM ryan said:

welcome, mr. dave s! you've a great layout and color combination... and nice writing, insights into design, so i'll be clicking you.

most of my design ideas seem to come from photographs these days... I'm not sure that I've had a proper in-the-shower inspiration in a while. maybe i should be a bit more willing to cut loose and fancy free.

I'm going to do my best to wait until april for the new radiohead album. it's hard not to peek at your presents before xmas morning...


26 Mar 03 at 05:13PM alison said:

your onion link broken dude.


26 Mar 03 at 06:03PM ryan said:

oops. thanky.


26 Mar 03 at 09:36PM Dave S. said:

Thank ya, thank ya. I'm quite intrigued by your own design - you've got a really interesting mix of fixed and scrollable elements a bit further in. The sxsw home page is great!

To be honest, I fall into that pesky "not a Radiohead fan" demographic. Not that I wish them any particular ill will, but so far their music has managed to elude me. (Hence the omission of #3 in the list.)


27 Mar 03 at 01:20AM ryan said:

yeah, this site is a cesspool maze of half-successful designs and indulgent experiements. your design seems to be consistently tight and useable throughout your sites and projects, without losing its fresh visual edge. bluespark looks pretty cool, too. and a creative commons license! you're not messing around.

i've gotta update my portfolio and put up a new episode. not to mention revamp this awful default comment template.

hey, radiohead aint for everyone. there are too many fans out there, anyway. me, i have a problem.


27 Mar 03 at 05:10AM karen said:

Re: dog translation device

Not sure I want to know what my dog is thinking...what if she hates me?!


27 Mar 03 at 11:22AM ryan said:

don't be silly - your dog loves you. i guess at this point, i'm not really interested in primitive animal communication technology.... call me when I can talk to my dolphin in plain English, a la Jonathan Brandis in Seaquest.

btw, the new Zelda is hands down the best video game ever made. Beautiful.

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