We are All Going to War.

posted 18 Mar 2003, 7PM | 2 Comments

Check out the interactive world map on the Global Clandlelight Vigil for Peace division of MoveOn.org. It's one of the most remarkable intersections of web programming and shared emotional human experience that I've ever seen. Click on a specific country for regional photos and comments from Sunday's vigil... or better yet, open the page and do nothing. The map begins to scroll automatically, showing images and comments from around the globe, a bright-burning voice nexus of peace and unity.

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19 Mar 03 at 07:21AM dave said:

It's ironic how Outkast is one of moveon.org's MusiciansUnited against this war, but they may have unwittingly penned the soundtrack for this same war: B.O.B.

You're telling me you can't picture a 21-yr-old Jimmy Soldier from Lubbock, TX pumping Bombs over Baghdad as he helps load missiles onto jets?

In fact, this song might be our secret weapon in the war. Anyone who's seen the Gimme Some Lovin' scene from Iron Eagle knows what I'm talking about. "You just lost oil refinery!"


19 Mar 03 at 02:38PM ryan said:

After you mentioned it, I listened to B.O.B. in my car on the way to work this morning... The song has INTENSE Iron Eagle potential. I was so inspired I nearly climbed onto the roof of my Granada and attacked the traffic with my fists and face.

If they're playing Outkast in the cockpit or on the front lines, I'll be first in line to go bomb Iraq. Soldiers today only want to star in a good music video... especially Afro Music Electric revival. Forget the "Fortunate Son" bullshit, with all respect to Creedence. It's a different world now.

Hell, maybe the UN should have listened more closely: don't pull your thang out, unless you plan to bang / bombs over bagdag / don't even bang unless you plan to hit somethang / bombs over bagdad.

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