Relativiy is Obsolete.

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I propose a new reality show in which proponents of The Vortex Theory debate and wrestle the minds behind Time I think the debate fights should be moderated/refereed by mute Hare Krshnas. The last person standing (as chosen by the audience via the web) becomes a department head at Harvard and gets to have sex with triplets. All the losers fly an airship of Christian fundamentalists directly into the sun.

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3 Mar 03 at 09:03AM dave said:

I THINK THAT THE TIMECUBE PEOPLE WOULD JUST STAND THERE YELLING ABOUT THE MATRIX AND STUFF while the vortex theory people quietly submit their russian experts' theses on their subject. That's the story their webpages fonts tell, anyway.


3 Mar 03 at 10:14AM ryan said:

I'm pretty excited to learn more about the Vortex Theory. Russian scientists have always done good work.

I meant no real slight to Hare Krshnas, btw. There's a Krshna temple on Commonwealth Ave in Boston that I have enjoyed visiting on many occassions. I just find that sites like TimeCube remind me of the phrasing of Krshna texts, which I'm fond of buying for two dollars. Always frought with that supreme confidence that your revelations will wow me.

Secretly, I long to be wowed.


3 Mar 03 at 11:19AM Adam said:

Perhaps it could be a contest of who could be more extreme? The winner gets some nice title like "most likely to argue about anything".


3 Mar 03 at 02:01PM awol said:

hey ryan, if you want to be wowed, wait 'til you check out my new, cliché tattoo.

tell me later if you got that.


3 Mar 03 at 06:44PM dan said:

The time cube guy seems pretty pissed, I read a good ten minutes worth of his page and gained little knowledge about what the hell he's going on about, except there is a lot of evil stupid educators out there. Which I can go a long with I suppose.


13 Jan 06 at 05:08AM Aeon of TimeCube said:

Opposites create Opposites.
Mom & Dad opposites create son & daughter opposites.
Opposite Creators required,
Singularity God impossible.
Opposites de-god Religion.
Opposites create the universe.
Opposites compose the Earth.
Opposites compose humanity.
Opposites create your body.
Opposites de-god academia.
Opposites de-god singularity.

thanks for your Time and i hope you have the patience to get all the answers you need about TimeCube from me.
creation principle vs vortex theory,
this thought seems like a problem for the religous people for they would not have their memories back if these two forces collide it wouldn't reuslt as an explosion but more of an emplosion too all created beings.


26 Mar 06 at 11:29PM TimeCube CubicAO said:

Nah it wasn't the actual TimeCube author commenting above, it was just a fan. I am acquainted with both the real author (Gene Ray, American genius) and the fan (Aeon of TimeCube as he calls himself above). TimeCube is truth.

Did I mention that TimeCube is truth? Yes I did. See Cubic Awareness Online for further explanation of Time Cube. Learn to know the Cubic truth.

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