Nutty Gorgon

posted 26 Mar 2003, 3PM | 5 Comments

This one gets a post all to itself, because it's effing hilarious. Thanks to =[spackle]= for the link.

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26 Mar 03 at 11:23PM Adam said:

I had a biology teacher in high school who liked to show muscles in his leg, having his leg almost at head level. This reminded me of that horrible image of himself stroking his leg.


27 Mar 03 at 06:49AM jonas said:

when i went to camp outside of waterville maine, we used to hate the wakeup call at 0645, which often involved having our covers ripped off our bunk beds. so, we all organized one evening and decided to give the counselor a big surprise. nobody wore anything to bed. he ripped off our covers to find many, many mid-pubescent bodies in the nude. i imagine that was an awful morning for him....


28 Mar 03 at 05:36AM dave said:

Jonas and Phatty stayed at my apt. in Stoneham. My roommate woke up early to smoke a butt, like he always does. When I woke up, he asked me if he saw Jonas' sack or if it was Phatty's hairy globes. I asked him on which couch the bare-nutted man was sleeping. He said the left one. I told him that he, like all of us at one time or another, had now seen Phatty's junk.


28 Mar 03 at 01:49PM katia said:

magic testicle show...
heh heh heh


31 Mar 03 at 10:41PM manda said:

man, that's awesome that my love for low-brow comedy got me a place on sixfoot6.

my friend darrin came in from lunch one afternoon bitching that he'd sat in gum.

"that's a bitch.." i said.

"you wanna see it?" he replied.

of course i'm the idiot who said yes. he turned his back to me, then turned back around with a little bit of his nutsack pulled through his shorts...

"see? i sat in gum..."

by the end of the day everone at work had seen darrin's cojones, right up to management.

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