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posted 29 Mar 2003, 8PM | 7 Comments

For a brief distraction from work, I ran a Google image search for my last name, and was oddly delighted to see all the photos of my brethren, staring at me out of my browser. It's like reconnecting with my past and future. Well, not really. But some of them are hilarious.

The big mystery: what the hell is this... and how can I order one?

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30 Mar 03 at 07:31AM V said:

Gantz is Japanese for "crazy ass camera Manga with some small little Beatle playing monkey with a guitar but would rather have a crazy ass camera/gun". Not a direct translation, of course, but then again there is no direct translation for "the Gantz".


30 Mar 03 at 09:32AM ryan said:

Ah, that makes sense. I'd somehow been given the impression that my last name was German... but this explains a few things, like my small stature and my affinity for Fujifilm.

Here's another Gantz anime image, only sexier. What's up with that block of text, and it's similarity to the first verse of the Gospel John?


31 Mar 03 at 05:02PM dan said:

Usually when I google myself it comes up with your site, with a picture where I look a wee bit stoned and a bit of incriminating/embarassing stories. However today I found some blogger chic named Daragh Sankey. She seems fairly hip though disturbingly using my dsankey tag. She could use some color on her site though.
And I couldnt help but notice that all of the apt 5 stories neglet any of the embarassing occurences involving you, mr.pants. If the audience would like any, I have plenty, just ask. Although most are Joshs fault.


31 Mar 03 at 05:07PM dan said:

You should check out her site sankey.ca/d/blog/ check out the story about optimus prime.


1 Apr 03 at 04:33AM ade said:

That is fucking hilarious dude, if you ever make an album - use this for the cover.


1 Apr 03 at 04:39AM jonas said:

i almost lost my shit when i saw this update. but i must admit that 'cry me a river' gets me deep down.


1 Apr 03 at 08:04AM ryan said:

thanks, guys! but let's move discussion of this design and my sexiness over to the episode's comment thread, above.

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