Such a Good Feeling

posted 27 Feb 2003, 12PM | 6 Comments

How to tell your Kids about Fred Rogers' Death: "Mister Rogers always said, 'Whatever is mentionable can be more manageable.'"

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27 Feb 03 at 02:21PM Adam said:

The trolley was my favorite part. I just couldn't figure out how it worked when I was little.


27 Feb 03 at 02:35PM awol said:

How will Gene B. raise Emily in a world without Fred Rogers?

A fear for her almighty soul.


27 Feb 03 at 03:08PM ryan said:

I liked the Platypus family and Cornflake S. Pecially, the sqirrely fellow who lived in the pink factory. Chef Brokket's tapioca pudding, the Purple Panda, Mister McFeely and Picture Picture... those were the days. Me, the television and a small cup of juice.

Also, Gene B. is my new design/haircut guru!


28 Feb 03 at 03:14PM Dan said:

My mother's nick name for me in my youth was "Daniel-stri-ped-tiger"
The episode I always hoped to see again was where Mr.Rogers went behind the scenes at Sesame Street.


28 Feb 03 at 04:32PM ryan said:

Good story there, trooper. What a cute little Budgie you are...


3 Mar 03 at 08:24AM dave said:

whoa...THE PURPLE PANDA! looking back, maybe there were some hallucinogens going around the Children's Television Workshop.

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