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it's pretty early in the morning, and i finally got the new episode off the ground. i have this problem where i feel like anything that aint on the front page of the basically doesn't exist, so i decided it was time to pull my little blog to the front page so i'd have a reason to post something. if i'm going to bother having a website, i'd like it to feel active. to get me excited about the web again, a bit more.

there's a lot going on with my head and heart (and the world) these days, so more frequent writing seems like a good idea. enough of this four week between episode bs. onward ever onward.

well, good morning! what did you have for breakfast this morning? i'd honestly like to know. and what would you have eaten if you had the time and money?

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27 Feb 03 at 08:35AM jonas said:

i had a cheese sandwich and it was delicious. they were handing out free coffees at the train station where i bought the cheese sandwich. today is the beginning of carnival and most people put schnaps from these ornate flasks into their cups. if i hadn't been on my way to work, i would have liked to put schnaps in my coffee.


27 Feb 03 at 09:02AM Erin said:

A yummy toasted English Muffin with peanut butter and jelly. Delicious. If I had the time for a sit-down dealie, I guess I would have liked to enjoy some soft-boiled eggs and toast. That's right...I'm eighty years old.


27 Feb 03 at 09:53AM dan said:

Mmmh, yes, english muffin, my choice as well, along with some good chai tea. Not the weird, already been mixed in a box type, but the actual tea, to which I alter with milk and honey thus making it just like the box type, hmmm. As for the best breakfast I can think of, well there are many, but not to sound hokey, but it would be our Percy's breakfasts. The level of food and friend is rarely so high on both accounts.


27 Feb 03 at 09:55AM Cat said:

I was talking with Elaine in Tucson as I drove to work this morning, stopping at red lights to put the cell phone in my lap and shovel a few spoonfuls of peach fruit-on-the-bottom fat-free yogurt into my mouth before continuing the conversation and my commute. If I hadn't had to rush to my housesitting job to let the cleaning lady in this morning, I would've enjoyed a sit-down meal with Rafael. Last week we went to La Belle Epoque in Los Feliz and I had soft-boiled eggs on toast with hollandaise sauce and asparagus... delicious.


27 Feb 03 at 10:44AM dave said:

4 Twix bars (peanut butter, natch), a piece of toast, a granola bar, a swig of oj, a tall glass of H20, and a redbull, of course.
If I had my way, it would've been the sourcream coffee cake muffin from the Early Bird Cafe in Kingston.
(bonus breakfast news: at approximately 2 am, I scarfed down a "sausage" "egg" and "cheese" on a bagel from Dunkin' Donuts. The "sausage" was moderately warm, but overall the sandwich did wonders to cure what stomach-flipping damage the mushrooms had done, earlier in the evening...Did I say that out loud?)


27 Feb 03 at 11:06AM katia said:

I ate the chicken-spinach-cheese sausages I had left in the fridge at work yesterday when I arrived this morning. It was cold in the office so I had some green tea, water, then some coffee after someone else made it. My ideal would be to still be in bed, not worrying what I'm hungry for or not since my dream is so delicious... I'd rather worry about lunch than breakfast anyway, as a general Non-Morning Person rule. Ah well, plight of the working girl... must... get... out... of... bed :(


27 Feb 03 at 12:28PM ryan said:

that all sounds better than my big bowl of honeycomb cereal, water, and one unpeeled carrot.

in a perfect world i'd wake up at 7am after a good night's sleep and hit up percy's in kingston for a big breakfast of biscuits and gravy with ten great friends. failing that, i'd love to relive my 10 minute morning breaks from muscle-strained work during my golf course construction days: a butter-grilled corn muffin and a cup of creamed coffee in the cool, 9am sun.

in the most unperfect world, breakfast would be a cold Omwich at the bus stop. yuck. what a bad idea Dunkies had with that one.


27 Feb 03 at 12:52PM awol said:

i ate nothing for breaksfast, as you may know, deciding rather to swim in a few extra hours of lucid dreams. At this point whenever I finally eat something, I'll have to call it lunch.

In a perfect world, my bed would spit me out at 8:00 am in front of a bagel with cream cheese, some peach yogurt, and big cup of coffee with fake hazelnut creamer in it. Plus a banana.


27 Feb 03 at 01:58PM alison said:

i ate nothing for breakfast, as per usual, and i guess that's okay with me. what i really miss now that you mention it is the blueberry muffins i had while we sat in the turtle on the golf course, trying to avoid the sprinklers.


27 Feb 03 at 02:18PM Adam said:

I had a few donuts with orange juice. But if I had time and money, I would definately order a heaping pile of French toast. Nothing beats the toast of the French.


27 Feb 03 at 02:27PM ryan said:

You mean "Freedom Toast". Let's not have any anti-Americanism on this site, thank you.


27 Feb 03 at 02:38PM Jenn said:

For breakfast today (and all mornings I have lecture at 9:30)I had calcium infused orange juice made by the good people at Tropicana and a vanilla yogurt NutriGrain bar (also a good source of calcium).
Also - someone at BU's GSU defaced the Burger King menu and scribbled "Freedom Fries" a la the hick restaurant in N.C.


27 Feb 03 at 02:38PM Linzey said:

a vietnamese pizza, which is some sort of egg pizza. it was good.

they stared at me as i took slow bites into the mysterious food. i asked them what was wrong with it, and they just said its fun to watch white people and see what their reaction is.


27 Feb 03 at 07:41PM Martha said:

Since I was running late as usual today, I had my typical work-mornings breakfast, which consists of whatever I can get from the vending machines in the hall. So: an almond Snickers and a Cherry Coke. Horrifically unhealthy, but the sugar did wake me up.

Hooray hooray hooray for more frequent posting. A good goal.


27 Feb 03 at 07:42PM Martha said:

Am silly and didn't see the second question: my mother's french toast with real New Hampshire maple syrup, bacon and fresh fruit. Thank you, now I'm craving.


2 Mar 03 at 07:22PM Andy said:

I had, a roast beef sandwich with the the beef from the roast I cooked yesterday, the last of the bread I baked the day before and cheese and deli style mustard and a can of Five Alive....

If I had the time and money I would have eaten the same thing!


4 Mar 03 at 11:12PM Amy said:

I had oatmeal and a room temperature diet coke - if my roommate would admit it's her turn to buy milk i would have had a nice, big bowl of cinnamon toast cruch (the generic kind). if i had money i'd have the real kind.

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