Mr. Jackson if you're Nasty

posted 19 Nov 2002, 11PM | 2 Comments

Hands down, my favorite caption of the year goes to the words printed below the photo of a giggling Michael Jackson in this article: Baby Dangler.

You can't beat that. Fine journalism.

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21 Nov 02 at 07:52AM Steve said:

Actually that's a typo, it is supposed to read 'Baby Diddler'


23 Nov 02 at 06:28PM Linzey said:

the summer before 8th grade when i went to cheerleading camp, we learned a dance/cheer thingy to that ms jackson if you're nasty song, and for the longest time i believed it was ms jackson gymnastics and i would stare up at my bandaged wrist wishing it had sprained from a gynastics incident rather than a dumb ole' cheerleading mishap.

then the song would start, and i'd be happy as a cheerleader. but thats my story and i'm stickin to it.

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