The Neverending Fun

posted 27 Oct 2002, 5PM

I've been spending a great deal of time lately playing The Game Neverending, by far the coolest game/net activity that I've participated in for a while. They've done the map, item inventory, and chat interface in Flas - all very simple and fairly intuitive.

I've been alpha-testing the game for the past week; I believe they're still taking new users, so I suggest you sign up if you're interested in checking out a new kind of social game... The GNE isn't a video game, but more like a role-playing game played with other characters in a social network. You move from place to place, finding, buying and maniputating objects, interacting and learning from other users, acruing wealth, experience points, friends, and the skill to make things. There are mini-games inside the world you can play. Making objects out of found items drives the game, along with the fun and silliness that comes from interacting with other players, learning about the world. This is only the beginning... the version of the game launched next year will be much larger, with limitless room for growth, change, communities, structures, clubs, more minigames, challenges, casinos, who knows...

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