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posted 14 Oct 2002, 11PM

I'm used to finding random sites in my referer logs, but I haven't come across anything fantastic for a while... Today I've been treated to a couple of erroneous referers that were too interesting not to mention: a few random porn sites, a search string for "dead or alive sex", and a site advertising--in all seriousness--the Voodoo Magick Box - The World's First 'Digital Drug'. It's worth checking out the page if only for the odd sexy illustrations (is that Jim Carrey?) and the very convincing product hype. The company purports that the Vodoo Magick Box helps with your memory, concentration, insomnia, sexual performance, depression and addiction. But more importantly, they ask:
Are you ready to experience the future of digital pleasure? Simply attach the clips to your earlobes, turn on, and trip-out! Experience feelings of inebriation, psychedelic visuals, extreme relaxation, floating sensations, intense endorphin releases, all culminating in a relaxed yet alert euphoric state. It's a completely electronic drug-like experience and it's entirely safe, legal, and beneficial in so many fantastic ways!
But my favorite fluke referer log from this morning has to be from, mostly for the following entry included at the top of their news section:
09.26.02: The Edmonton 2600 meetings have been cancelled. We met a lot of people through the meetings and have made some great friends. The Nazi anti-smoking laws in this city have made it difficult to find a comfortable location to hold the meetings where we can have minors and keep the smokers happy. The last few meetings have been held in a food-court, which we've always thought was a crappy place to hangout for several hours. And finally, after 6 years we've kind of grown tired of it. It's time to move on.
Those crazy canucks. Fighting the man with everything they've got, from the middle of a food court.

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