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Check out the MIT OpenCourseWare Pilot, a collection of coursework, notes and lectures taken from various classes at the Masachusetts institute of technology. A lot of it is rocket science, but it's nice to have the option to counter mindless web-surfing with intelligent web study. Economics, Physics, Urban Planning... it's all here. Poke around and learn something, lazy bones.

I once took a course at MIT: during January of 1992 my friend Hollis and I attended a seminar at MIT while working on our 9th grade science project on holography. Dr. Stephen A. Benton, who invented the first white-light hologram in 1968, lectured us on the holographic process using confusing algebraic and triganometric notation on his classroom's dry erase boards. In the lab, Hollis and I helped others in our group develop a hologram on a space-age air table. I still have mine, somewhere...

I applied to MIT, but they didn't take me.

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26 Oct 02 at 12:54AM ryan said:

test comment


26 Oct 02 at 01:05AM ryan said:



26 Oct 02 at 01:05AM ryan said:



26 Oct 02 at 01:05AM ryan said:



26 Oct 02 at 01:05AM ryan said:



26 Oct 02 at 01:05AM ryan said:



26 Oct 02 at 12:36PM Senor Sarcastro said:

Alas, Ryan, I think this latest "Test Comment Poem" is magnificent. Your use of repitition to convey the doldrums of everyday life harkens Shakespeare's own great musing: "Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow."

Another? Nay, none. Brilliantly played, Mr. Pants. A wonderful work to trump all your previous dreck. Good show.


26 Oct 02 at 07:09PM J. Dunn said:

yeah, I applied there too, and got waitlisted, fortunately. Fortunately, because, I turned out to not be engineer material, which would have been a much worse realization six months in to a stay at MIT.


27 Oct 02 at 10:54AM elli said:

i think MIT's super for doing it. i wish more schools would. maybe i'll make my school do it. after all, I am paying THEM, right?

senor sarcastro, you've made me laugh.

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