Dream Catcher

posted 1 Oct 2002, 10PM

in the first dream (and i don't usually remember dreams, so i must have woken up a bit, tossing or turning or both) i was at the edge of this big harbor-bay-lake with a bunch of other mostly good-hearted people, many of whom i knew that i knew. they explained to us that the water was full of bodies, some dead, some alive, and we needed to get in there and save people before they drowned (if still alive) or fish our their bodies for respectful burial (if they were not alive). it was night, but the water remained gently lit as only dreams are lit. i jumped into the water, clothes and all, and for the longest time just swam around and splashed and played with two or three other girls in their early twenties, smiling and flirting and shirking our duties, as all around us people spread out and swam and sought floating human forms. i dove down, and swam underneath one of the girls, and with sudded gravitas realized the importance and urgency of the situation. i swam down along the bottom of the sea with crisp vision, and from the bright reef bottom grabbed onto the body of an elderly female. and as i kicked along the surface of the water with the dead weight of this woman i now understood to be my high school academic advisor resting on my back, sleflessness filled my heart and sorrow filled my eyes, and i carried her up stairs from the sea, with the eyes of the others watching me.

in the second dream friends and I kept running around all sorts of terrain, trying to capture animals. we needed the animals for the money, or for the rewards. we had the option to kill the animals, but had decided that it was easier to corner them into rocks and glades and hustle them into our canvas pillowsacks. there were small mountain lions, farm animals, and big bunnies. the animals were defiant but not ferocious. the process of trying to catch them seemed fun, in the dream. teamwork was important. i knew, then, that the process shouldn't be fun, but i said nothing out loud and the dream continued.

in the third dream i awoke in a car to the sight of sun and the sound of hail and and the scent of autumn wind and the beautiful colors of lit mountains, tufted plains, heavy cloud shadows and wisps of setting sky. it was open air and texture and weather i had missed, and i wasn't asleep at all; i was simply in love with new mexico.

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