Careful Shopping

posted 20 Jun 2002, 6PM | 5 Comments

I found myself standing in the grocery store, in the frozen foods ailse. I wanted to buy pizza. They didn't have pizza for sale that matched the picture on my pizza coupon. So I paced back and forth, trying to settle on a tasty and economical second choice. Ralphs has all kinds of frozen treats, let me tell you boy. Freshetta? DiGorno? Frickin' Tombstone? These are all important questions that a young consumer might ask himself.

As I stood staring at the foggy glass, a 35-year-old woman parked her cart next to mine. Then she walked away, to hunt for something in another ailse. Without a word, she left her energetic four-year-old daughter, her wide-eyed one-year old daughter (perched atop the cart in a basket), and all her carefully selected groceries two feet away from me, a total stranger. I waited near them, smiling politely, until mom returned. Then I selected the store-brand pizza.

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6 Sep 02 at 01:34AM ryan said:



12 Sep 02 at 01:17AM ryan said:

no kidding!


12 Sep 02 at 02:36AM ryan said:

hj ghj ghjfhgj


12 Sep 02 at 02:41AM ryan said:

hj ghj ghjfhgj


16 Jul 06 at 09:57PM Need to know basis... said:

person 1) I agree with Ryan...
person 2) Store brand pizzas all the way!!
person 3) person 1 wants to go out with Ryan

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