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For a long time, this has been a sprawling sort of site, with hidden secrets, hard-to-navigate archives and bountiful File Not Found errors. As my skillz, publishing tools and creative needs have evolved, directory structures have changed, links have gone dead, good stuff has been orphaned. As such, this archive section represents an adultish attempt to reorganize the musky caverns of sixfoot6.com in a user-friendly way.

Since most of the pre-2002 content doesn't link back to this area, I suggest you make generous use of your back button and open links in a new browser tab or window. Good luck, young Padowan.

» Weblog, 2002 to Present

Includes category, individual and date-based archives of all weblog entries published since summer 2002 in the Morelog, Sixfruit6 and Design Front blogs. The most recent 10 are linked below.

» Weblog, 1999 to 2002

Two and a half years worth of weblog posts, preserved in their original designs. Includes Blue Boy, Nostril, Bricolage and Roadlog archives, plus much more.

» Experimental Episode Archives

Indexes the Californian lo.Cal series of self-contained storytelling/design experiments I began in April of 2002. Probably my best work. Check them all out, but here are a few favorites:

» Classic Content Sitemap

An index of original static content, including the Words, Photos, and Project Omni sections, plus other stuff long forgotten.

Archive Divisions

bricolage; autumn 2001

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Site & Archive News

  • Nov 23rd '05: Added 10 recent entry links to archive index. Fixed MT installation and RSS feeds.
  • June 6th '05: Fixed footer links in individual pages.
  • June 6th '05: Fixed footer links in individual pages.
  • Mar 26th '05: Removed youngpup labels js from individual archives; padded front page entry dates with zero; added skip nav links and hr tags, viewable on style kill; added @import to stylesheets to kill style in old browsers (NS4.7, ahem); switched archive headings to more legible fonts; reorged some legacy files; set up some .htaccess redirects to avoid link rot.
  • Feb 27th '05: Imported entries from my folio blog; began work on category and monthly archives; expanding the static content map.
  • Feb 25th '05: Redirected sixfoot6/more to episodes index, and changed the 404 error page for the first time in 5 years.