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go back to sixfoot6.  There's some fiction up.  Click on MUSIC to find links to my new MP3 and to my site on MP3.com.  I'm in great spirits, because joshua listened to the new song and laughed harder than I have ever seen him laugh before.   I love Rap.  I added a buch of poems under WORDS. happy reading.  It's been a while.   I've posted about 18 black and white photos; click on visuals and then on b+w.   They scanned pretty well, but some came out too dark or low in contrast.   Hopefully I'll get some poems and stories up too... maybe I'll get to 4th gear tonight.  I took a shitload of ginseng pills.  I am out of college.   Oh, happy day, oh happy happy day!  There is much work do be done: I have to get breakfast, hang out with friends, email about twenty people, cal ten people, get wasted, work on this site, work on my quake levels, finish the omni page, record some songs, scan some photographs, convert some text files to html, find a summer job, find a career, find some money, fix a flat tire, move out west, marry a beautiful woman, settle down on a ranch, milk the goats, put the kids to bed, read the morning paper, drive kids to school and soccer practice, join the E.L.K.S club, golf, buy unfasionable clothing, watch telivised golf, get crotchety, complain, have a stroke, write letters to the companies that make houshold products, get a walker, sleep.  Things are loking pretty good.  I love that monkey.  I have so much work to do, and my brain wont let me do any of it.  I love you.  I've instituted various cosmetic changes on this site tonight, after the delicious Barbeque at Josh's apartment.   Daniel, that sweet roomate of mine, hooked me up with a PHAT bicycle from International today--the Specialized RockHopper.  It has front shocks, and its tall enough even for me.  It retails for something like 800 dollars.  So lemme give an official internet wide shout out to Daniel Sankey for his good will.  And while we're on the subject, lemme give a sf6 dead-dog-in-a-ditch shout out to my man Tom Waits for putting out yet another fantastic album.  I've been listening to it non-stop all day long.  He keeps getting younger, and it's amazing.  My current favorite is "Hold On", a kind of a heartland tune that Waits pulls off honestly and sincerely.  We aint talkin about John Cougar here.

There are now three songs available at the link below.  I'll post details on the "Music" pages when I get the time.   These are my last two weeks of college, so I have quite a bit of work to do.   I don't believe I just said that.  My MP3's are posted.   They gave me RealAudio clips and everything.  Check 'em out at www.mp3.com/sixfoot6.  I still havent done any work on my photography paper.  This is starting to become very difficult.  Last night I spent a few hours trying to upload some songs to MP3.com.  When I successfully post some of my music, I'll be sure to update this news page and post the song info and the links on the "music" site.  I'm trying to resist working anymore on this site or the omni site until I can assure myself that I'm going to graduate from college.  Then I'll take a full week and really get SF6 going.  And I'll finish Project Omni.  Oh boy.  In local news, as I'm sure you can see, ryan is learning JavaScript.  It's a great way to spend a WHOLE lot of time on a friday night.  I've got to rest up for the big run on Monday.  And of course the state-wide strip-Malarky finals are on Wednesday.  Unfortunately the TransAm I'm overhauling needs an entirely new transmission, so I'm going to try to build one from scratch.  This hardly leaves me anytime for my quilting.  Click on WORDS for some soon to be award-winning literature.  Most of the other contents links go nowhere.  Cut me a break, I'm raising two daughters.  I'm trying to write a play about Wendy's employees who experience cathartic tragedy.  It's not easy.   I'm losing it.  And sweet Christ do any of you guys who use internet explorer find that it crashes every 7 minutes?   Particularly when you A) try to do anything involving Altavista.com or B) try the sf6 logo link on the omni page?  This is bill's world, we just live here.  I finally fixed the frickin omni pages...they refused to wrap properly when you resized the window, but it all looks good now.  And i bolded some headings.  Just for kicks.  I need to eat some leftover pizza.  Still looks better in IE than in Netscape.  What delicious pizza have I just eaten.  If you search for ryan gantz on altavista you get the omni site.   boy, that feels good to see.  yahoo should index the omni site soon.   i'll most likely finish up 3rd gear tonite and maybe finish the rest of the site during this coming weekend.  Visit www.sixfootsix.com to hear thrashmetal songs by sorry oklahomans.  I am about halfway done with 3rd gear and will hopefully manage to finish the rest by morning.  I will continuously update whatever I have.  I've been listening to Blur.13. all night.   Its a great cd, full of dripping electronic punctuations, post-radiohead british guitar wrok and a variety of lyric and vocal styles.  As usual I am overambitious.  There's no way in hell I can stay awake for ten more minutes.  I was up until 5:30 last night taking night flash photography, and now I cant stay awake to save my life.  It appears that those haikus aint gonna get written until i wake up and skip class tomorrow.  Hey, ponder this:


i must find my bed

why did you feed me all of

that jagermeister.  I have finished the first and second gears of the omni site.  I think it's all looking pretty good.  I have eight haikus to write tonight but I hope to get some work done on 3rd gear, The Downtown Tests, before dawnThat gearshift imagemap still refuses to load properly on some machines.  I'm no master of html, but I'll try to figure it out.

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