December 25th at 2:05 AM



merry Christmas it's way am and i still have to wrap presents
and then i can expect to be woken up at 6 or 7 when my sister prepares to
run downstairs.  We still get presents from Santa.  How wonderfully silly.
This has been a long and dense day.


after work on Wednesday the 22nd i rode into boston I met up with Jonas and Jonah and
we drank and smoked homegrown and danced so hard at a Fox Trot Zulu show
that my calves still hurt.  I woke up on thursday in Jonah's apartment with
the bright sun grabbing at my face, laying in a big white bed in a big white
room.  We had breakfast and then i zoomed downtown to buy Christmas presents
and catch a train home to Plymouth

where my sick brother who was finally feeling better picked me up in the
minivan and we went to the mall and ran some errands and ate some soup.  His
throat hurt.  I still had presents to buy, but we went back home and ate
some pizza and walked and watched television and then I picked up Andrew and
we drove to Providence listening to Ol dirty bastard and the talking heads,
smoking down all the way to the airport

where joshua's plane was on schedule but he took a long ass time descending
to the baggage area.  I circled the lot for twenty minutes until they
emerged, and it was all hugs and excitement as we drove back north to
Plymouth via Fall River and New Bedford.  We got some bagels at Dunkies and
ran into high school friends that were still around, for some reason, just
like we are.  We took the coffee downtown and walked through the empty
historic streets.  Joshua missed us.  We jumped through piles and piles of
leaves on burial hill, even though the air in the cemetery was cold.  We
drove to josh's house for tea and sandwiches at 2 am Friday morning, and i
took a nap,

and they woke me up so we could go watch the sunrise over the atlantic ocean
and then go to Percy's for a big breakfast.  We drove back to my house,
drove to the bank, and drove to the mall where joshua had this zippo
engraved with the words "Fuck It" because his dad had told him a story about
a lighter with a picture of snoopy on it that said Fuck It that he had used
while he was in vietnam, but when he got back home he went on a date with
some chick and she kept it.  Then we saw Man on the Moon, the Any kaufman
movie and it was good.  After some final shopping and running into more
random friendloves and some errands we dropped andrew off at home so he
could sleep and took a walk in the cranberry bogs and ate crackers, then
josh left and i slept for

two hours and got up to go to mass and i sang and spent most of the hour
enjoying private jokes with my brother and sister and watching the faces of
small children as the people stood up and sat down and the voices floated
everywhere.  after church i cooked chicken for thefive of us and dinner is
always funny in my house because of the way we interact with each other.
After playing charades and hanging stockings and wrappim presents, i picked
up Joshua and we drove to Ryan's house to see Ryan and Dan and jonas and
Todd and Dave and Adam, and dan's girl Hannah, who was pretty cool, so we
all drank egg nog with rum and looked at photos and at the tupperware full
of dope.  Josh and i left at 12:30 to visit our friend Justins house,
because he and his parents and half the neighborhood were having a little
party, and we ate some cookies.  josh and justin live right around the
corner, so home is always close.


I still have some presents to wrap, so here goes.  merry happy, y'all.