November 4th at 8:36 PM



Sunday was Halloween, and we sat around, ate some food, and watched the Blair Witch Project on video.  The television in this apartment belongs to Jonas, and we keep it on the floor on the living room.  I don't remember what happened on Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday.  At some point we ate delicious steak, though, I'm sure of that.  And we went to the video store.  We went again tonight.

I once painted a painting based on the structure of the Last Supper that was full of simple geometric shapes and smooth, flowing colors.  I blended all the disciples into one fluid, evolving motion of vibrancy; and in the middle there was a round shape of light, with red and blue just below.  The bright circle was the sun of God, and the red of his robe was echoed in the reddish-gold paint I used at the top and bottom of the painting's structure.  I lost that painting six years ago.

I think that two bands of colored gold, one above and one below, echo the bright ball that is my brain.  Sometimes I forget that they are there, and sometimes I try to find them.  Occasionally I think about them when I'm enjoying a cup of tea.

Today I was walking across asphalt pathways and listening to my Discman, to a CD full of songs that I was involved with creating and recording.  The sun was getting low, and there were students and leaves everywhere, and I was surprised to discover that listening to you own music feels like plugging your brain directly into itself.