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April 18th, 2000 at 8 PM

Looper and The Flaming Lips  

I spent the whole day in Boston, ate at the Boston University GSU, watched Boys Don't Cry at the Nickelodean, and stood in the rain for two hours with my WFNX card to get into this free show at Axis on Lansdowne Street. It was cold and wet.

My brother Jeremy has always been a fly dresser.

Our friends Steve and Lin. Aren't they simply adorable? Like I said, it was cold and wet, so give us a break. The doors opened at eight, and Axis was nice and warm inside. It was a WFNX and Guiness sponsored event, so there was a bunch of free shwag. I scored myself a free Guiness T-shirt thanks to my 5 foot arms. The pre-show music was pretty rad, and the coat check counter was offering headphones connected to cheap radios in exchange for an I.D. They were broadcasting the whole show on the a certain frequency, and the headphones blocked out background noise and fed my ears a nice clean sound, so I wore them for most of the show. A very cool trick. The opening band was Looper, a group lead by one of the guys from Belle and Sebastian. Looper combined Brit-pop with breakbeats, sampled loops, guitars, moog and piano to create energetic and uplifting tunes. The video projected onto the screen behind them added all kinds of colors and images to the performance. I'm all about multi-media.

The Flaming Lips were lots of fun and the music was beautiful. They had their own set of video projections to go along with the music, and used a DAT to play the parts of the songs that were tough to do live. There's only three of 'em, after all. Wayne had a megaphone, and puppets, and a mechanical bird, and a few other tricks to keep the audience engaged.

When they played "She Don't Use Jelly, the band handed out plastic bags full of confetti, and the audience had a ball of a time tossing it around during the song andfor the duration of the show.

Wayne put fake blood all over his face for the encore. I don't have a picture of that one. So in sumation, the performance was colorful, empowering, intimate, and sponsored by Guiness. After the show the four of us walked out into the rain, bought some juice, and merged onto Storro drive for the ride home.